Become a Member of the RCB

Joining the Raleigh Concert Band 

If you're a musician and are interested in becoming a band member, the fastest way to obtain information is to call us at 919-847-2263. We will be happy to talk to you about the band and will be glad to arrange for you to visit a rehearsal. If you get an answering machine we will return your call promptly. The other way is to send an email to: 
subject: Raleigh Concert Band Membership Query 

While some sections may be near or at capacity we always have an eye out for potential new players. We maintain contact with other bands in the area and If we cannot immediately find you a seat we very likely can refer you to an opportunity to play elsewhere. 

How can I join the band? 

We appreciate your interest in the Raleigh Concert Band the "State Capitol Band." Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about joining our ensemble. 

Are there any minimum playing requirements to join the band? 

The Raleigh Concert Band is for the musically experienced adult with fairly extensive instrumental training. We do understand that for some people it has been a while, with time out for education, professions, children, you name it. Most of our members played in high school and college bands. Many received individual instruction on their respective instruments and a number considered a career in music, either in performance or education. Most have entered careers in other fields and now consider music to be a serious hobby. In general terms, if you played in a good high school or college band, you will have no problem playing with us. 

The band members agree that one of the worst things about being away from music is missing the company of fellow musicians. With this in mind the Raleigh Concert Band exists to continue the musical performance opportunities that we enjoyed in school as well as the fun and camaraderie that we all loved so much. 

I am interested in joining the band as a regular member, but it's been a while since I played regularly. I had pretty good training, but I'm too rusty to audition. How do I deal with that? 

While we do look for fairly advanced musical skills, we realize that time spent away from music can dull the edge somewhat. Our audition is not to be feared. We merely screen for the ability to play in keys, with reasonable intonation and reading ability approximately at the level of music the band usually performs. New players are invited to sit in for several rehearsals prior to auditioning to help get the notes under their fingers and see what we are about. . We have found that the rust usually comes off quickly. 

I'd like to play with the band while I am home from college this summer.  Can  I sit in for the Summer without a formal audition? 

If you are a college musician home for the summer, or a recently graduated or rising senior high school musician, you could most likely play our summer program without undue difficulty. In the Summer we concentrate on having a good time with the music and the material tends toward pops and light classical. We usually waive the audition requirement for summer musicians but we do ask for experienced players who can perform the music we are programming. We do limit numbers in the sections so call early if you are seriously interested in a spot, particularly in the large sections.